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Reputation Management Focus at CVVFA Convention
Tuesday, August 5, 2014 

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. – Four years ago, the Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firemen’s Association (CVVFA) tackled a tough issue – one that many would prefer not to talk about – ethics.

On any given day across the country, the headlines announce the arrests of firefighters for any number of issues.

In the 2010 White Paper, the authors noted: ­"The nation's fire service has long been held in justifiably high esteem. This reputation has been hard earned. The fire service is that 'rock of stability to which the public knows to turn during the upheaval of a crisis -- be that crisis a dwelling fire, rescue, natural disaster, or medical emergency."

They later came up with a code of ethics that suggest every person in the fire and emergency services sign. Plaques bearing those rules hang in every building at the National Fire Academy.

The CVVFA effort continued during their annual convention this week with a focus on reputation management.

N.J. Paramedic Anthony Correia said it’s imperative that close scrutiny be paid to every single person who signs an application.

“Is the person ethical? Is the person trustworthy and reliable? If there’s doubt, this person shouldn’t be allowed in.”

Are the recruiters really telling it like it is? Are they painting a correct picture of what you do?

With the numbers of fires down, potential members should be informed about public education events and fund-raising activities. “Do you tell them about the hoagie sales they’ll be expected to help with?”

It’s also imperative that the applicant’s family understand the commitment involved.

And, no one should be allowed to join without a background check.

In an effort to keep the books intact, he said multiple signatures should be required on checks. While all departments have mutual aid agreements, the majority don’t have it available for administrators.

This article was published in by Susi Nichol who has been covering the CVVFA for many years. 

CVVFA Celebrates Successful 113th Annual Convention in Chambersburg
Sunday, August 3, 2014 


The Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firemen’s Association (CVVFA) just wrapped up its successful 113th annual convention, hosted by the Chambersburg area fire companies, where the CVVFA was founded in 1901. 

The convention was called to order Thursday morning.  The business meeting got off to a great start at Fayetteville Volunteer Fire Company’s Community Hall, with President Jim Watson reporting on his full year of activities and CVVFA attorney celebrating his 25th year of CVVFA membership and 20th year as its attorney.  The business meeting broke for Chaplain Charles Barnhart’s stirring memorial service remembering recently passed CVVFA members at the nearby Otterbein United Methodist Church, followed by lunch back at Fayetteville’s hall.

Following lunch, and in support of the CVVFA’s lauded Reputation Management Program,

the CVVFA heard Chief Anthony Corriea speak about “How to Keep Geraldo Rivera from Investigating your Firehouse.”  CVVFA members have become well-versed in the importance of reputation management, and Chief Correia’s message resonated well, and was accompanied by spirited discussion, as he spoke about ethics, internal controls, and good business and personnel practices.  Later, Thursday afternoon reports brought the membership up-to-date on the latest happenings of the CVVFA’s Responder Safety and Reputation Management projects.  The CVVFA maintains a national leadership presence on both fronts – with one project aimed at saving lives and the other aimed at preserving the fire service’s well-deserved and honored reputation – and CVVFA speakers are regularly invited to speak at programs nationwide in recognition of our pioneering roles promoting both these topics.  Thursday’s capstone event was a well-attended chicken barbecue dinner, held under fair skies and gloriously cool weather for the end of July, just outside the community hall at Fayetteville’s picnic grounds. 

Friday’s events moved to the heart of Chambersburg at the Franklin Fire Company #4, and kicked off with the Presidents’ Council meeting.  The summer Presidents’ Council meeting features, in addition to the regular state reports, extensive reports on federal affairs from CFSI, NVFC, and IAFC representatives.  Presidents’ Council topics of interest included continuing concerns with timeliness and access to benefits with the federal Public Safety Officers’ Benefits (PSOB) program, and firefighter recruitment and retention (R&R).  Delaware representatives provided an extensive report on their multi-faceted federal grant-funded R&R program that features print and electronic media promotions, media appearances, and a strong presence at the Delaware State Fair. 

Following the Presidents’ Council meeting, a large contingent headed to the nearby cemetery of the Falling Spring Presbyterian Church, where Chaplain Charles Barnhart led a brief memorial service at the grave of CVVFA founder Joseph Fulton Boyd.  CVVFA Past President Steve Austin recounted Boyd’s role in the Civil War, how, as Superintendent of the Cumberland Valley Railroad, he later helped in the development of the Cumberland Valley, and how he spurred the development of the CVVFA following a devastating fire in nearby Shippensburg where a lack of common hose threads meant fire apparatus brought in by the Cumberland Valley Railroad wasn’t able to seamlessly operate together. 

Friday evening’s banquet, again at Franklin Fire Company #4, brought the convention’s formal activities came to a close.  Following a fine meal, local historian and author Mike Marotte presented a brief overview of the history of the Chambersburg fire department, which history echoes the development of the fire service in America.  For his long and devoted serviced to the CVFA, Assistant Chaplain Jim Wharry was awarded the CVVFA’s highest honor, E. Wade Thomas Memorial Award.  The banquet came to a close with parting words from outgoing President Jim Watson, and the installation of new officers, led by new President Walter Robertson of Stuarts Draft, Virginia.     

Escaping the threat of rain, Saturday’s grand firemen’s parade through the heart of Chambersburg featured well over 100 units – one of the CVVFA’s largest parades in years – and brought the activities of the 113th annual convention to a close.


Picnic provides time for everyone to relax
   Picnic provides time for everyone to
Chambersburg Honor Guard Posts Colors
   Chambersburg Honor Guard Posts Colors
TIM Train the Trainer at NFA
Tuesday, May 13, 2014 
Attention Fire Service Instructors: Special Multidiscipline TIM Train the Trainer Course Offered at the National Fire Academy. Train the Trainer (T-t-T) course for Traffic Incident Management (TIM Course T-0690) is being offered at the National Fire Academy (NFA) in Emmitsburg, MD June 27 to June 29, 2014 for Certified State Fire Service Instructors and/or Metro Fire Department Training Division Members as well as roadway incident trainers from other disciplines. The opportunity to become a recognized TIM trainer is sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and hosted by the National Fire Academy (NFA). This is the initial offering of the course at this prestigious institution and is a first for multiple public safety disciplines attending an NFA hosted course on campus. The National TIM Course is designed to establish consistent training of all roadway responders and achieve the three objectives of the National Unified Goal for Traffic Incident Management; Responder Safety, Safe Quick Clearance and Prompt Reliable Interoperable Communications. Reasons to consider attending the TIM Train the Trainer Course 1.First multi-disciplinary course offering at the National Fire Academy 2.Travel, lodging and course materials are all covered minimizing agency expense 3.The TIM course supports the 16 Life Safety Initiatives (Everyone Goes Home) by setting standardized response actions geared to prevent harm to first responders 4.The program facilitates intra-agency operability and communications eliminating on scene disagreements and facilitating quicker mitigation and clearance 5.The Job Performance Requirements (JPRs) of Draft NFPA 1091 Standard for Traffic Control Incident Management Professional Qualifications are reflected in the TtT course. Registration preference is for State Certified Fire Instructors and/or Members of Metro Fire Department Training Divisions. Interested instructors should download registration information from this article.

The ResponderSafety Learning Network hit 10,000 registered users today!
Monday, March 3, 2014 

The CVVFA ResponderSafety Learning Network hit 10,000 registered users today!  We are excited by the progress.  Based on the size of our potential user group, we believe the current enrollment to be a fraction of the audience that we will develop in years to come.  Our goal is to have more than 35,000 users by the end of this year and to double that each year after. 

Thanks to the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA for their support through the Fire Prevention and Firefighter Safety grant program that makes the Network possible.  In addition we have developed partnerships and received strong support from the United Sates Fire Administration, US Department of Justice, the Federal Highway Administration and the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.  Other supporters in the private sector including VFIS and Provident are valued partners. We invite other entities to join us in our goal to make the roadways safer for responders.

The network has only just begun with its programming and has already delivered close to 15,000 credit hours to first responders on our highways.  Our audience is made up of Firefighters, Police, DOT, EMS and Towing professionals.

New programs are coming out on a regular basis; programs like Emergency Lighting and dealing with traffic during vehicle fires to name a few.

Please let your brother and sister first responders know about the ResponderSafety Learning Network.  Our goal is to improve safety on the roadways for responders and the public, while reducing congestion that triggers secondary incidents. 

Many agencies are looking for ways to integrate our network into their training programs. We have developed a solution.  Shortly we will communicate information about our Secondary Reporting System so use of our network for continuing education will be easier for users and agencies to track progress. If you are interested and would like advance information please let us know.  

Thanks again for your support from all of us at the team.


James C “Robbie Robertson” Passes Away After a Long Illness Was one of the CVVFA’s Most Distinguished Members
Saturday, November 9, 2013 

Robbie Robertson whose fire service career spanned the 1940’s to the present died November 9, 2013 after suffering a long illness. Robbie was a graduate of Oklahoma State University Fire Protection Engineering Program. Robbie was well known in fire service circles around the nation in part for his tenure as the MD State Fire Marshal and as a Regional Representative for the National Fire Protection Association. He began attending CVVFA meetings in the 1950’s. He was a recognized expert in fire prevention having authored a number of books. He was especially active in the FL Fire Service where at the time of his death he was authoring a book about fire service history in the Sunshine State. Several articles outline a small portion of Robbie’s contributions are available by clicking on the links below including his full speech on the CVVFA Convention Floor at the 1957 Convention in Waynesboro PA. To say the Robbie’s wise council will be missed is an understatement. Few if any members of our Association have had such an impact on fire protection in our country as did Robbie.


Susie Nicol writes in about Robbie
Robbie escapes  injury when a wind sheer crashed a tree on his car at the 2009 Convention in Newark DE
   Robbie escapes injury when a wind sheer
      crashed a tree on his car at the 2009
      Convention in Newark DE
Robbie at the 2010 Convention in Hancock MD
   Robbie at the 2010 Convention in Hancock
Chief Greg Yost Named CVVFA Member of the Year
2013 CVVFA E. Wade Thomas Memorial Member of the Year recipient Chief Greg Yost of Hancock MD
   2013 CVVFA E. Wade Thomas Memorial
      Member of the Year recipient Chief Greg
      Yost of Hancock MD
Chief Greg Yost of the Hancock MD Fire Department was selected as CVVFA Member of the Year at the 112th Annual Convention held in Shippensburg PA. Yost received the E. Wade Thomas Memorial Award the highest honor bestowed by the Association. E. Wade Thomas was a WV Fire Marshal and CVVFA President. He was a nationally recognized instructor. He died unexpectedly during his term of office in 1955.

Chief Yost received the award due to his outstanding support of the Protecting Emergency Responders On the Highway Project. He serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the CVVFA Emergency Responder Safety Institute. Under his leadership ERSI has a record of sound fiscal management. Greg is also in charge of the CVVFA /ERSI assets including AV equipment as well as all supplies. Greg is a past CVVFA President and served as Host Convention Chairman at this hometown of Hancock MD

ResponderSafety Learning Network Funded Through Fire Grant Program for 2013

The Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firemen’s Association received a FEMA Fire Prevention and Safety Grant to continue building and delivering its free on line learning network providing roadway incident safety training to responders. The ResponderSafety Learning Network may be accessed from any device that can be connected to the internet. Modules are about one half hour in length and are tested. Students may print a certificate upon successful completion of the course. Records are maintained securely and are password protected. Almost 7,000 students have taken the opportunity to register for the network. There is no cost. The CVVFA is working with several jurisdictions in order to provide CEU’s to students who need them for recertification. The modules are high quality and are designed for adult education. If a student has to stop the module for any reason the system will return to the point where it stopped when the student logs back on thus saving time.

At least 7 modules are available with more on the way thanks to the grant. Experts in many areas of roadway response contribute their knowledge to the network. Access the ResponderSafety Learning Network from 

Federal Highway Administration Partners with CVVFA to Promote National Traffic Incident Management Training to the Fire Service

The Federal Highway Administration has entered into an agreement with the Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firemen’s Association to provide outreach to the fire service for the new National Traffic Incident Management Course that is being rolled out across the country. 

The course now in the Train the Trainer stage provides multi-discipline training for responders at no cost. The CVVFA will provide advice to FHWA on how to encourage fire department participation in the classes. Chief Rich Marinucci a CVVFA Member and a Past President of the International Association of Fire Chiefs will be the point person for the Association on the project. 

The National TIM course teaches responder safety, safe quick clearance and interoperable communications. These are elements of the National Unified Goal for Traffic Incident Management. 

It is the goal of the CVVFA to encourage all members of the fire and ems service to enroll in the TIM course. The course is being taught by leading instructors across the country. A number of the instructors are CVVFA members.   


US Fire Administration and Department of Justice Contract with CVVFA

The USFA and the Department of Justice have contracted with the CVVFA to maintain and enhance outreach for fire, EMS, and law enforcement through the website. The site launched in 2001 is the most compressive web portal for all things concerning highway incident scene safety and traffic incident management. The site’s executive editor is Chief Harry Carter. The chief researcher is Howard Cohen a member of Aetna Hose, Hook and Ladder Company. Other experts from transportation, towing and recovery and law enforcement contribute their talents. updates every day with a complete list of all know “struck by” incidents in the United States. The site has free downloads, SOP’s and training programs along with many downloadable videos. also has companion Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts. Readers can receive email updates from the site by registering their name and email address. The USFA has provided support for the site since the day it launched.

Jim Watson of Delaware City Fire Company Elected CVVFA President

Jim Watson of the Delaware City Fire Company was elected President of the Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firemen’s Association for 2013-2014. Jim is an active member of Delaware City. The Company actively supports the mission of the CVVFA. Delaware City under President Watson’s guidance has helped produce two national roadway safety Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) for the CVVFA.

Jim was installed at the 112th Annual Convention in Shippensburg PA with his family in attendance along with a contingent of Delaware City and DVFA leaders at the annual banquet.

In his acceptance speech he indicated his agenda was to take the CVVFA to another level. He plans to update the strategic plan and to encourage younger fire service members to join.

Since becoming President he has attended the FASNY Convention in Albany New York. He also approved a new initiative involving the CVVFA Fire Service Reputation Management Committee whose members will be presenting programs on how fire departments can preserve and protect their reputation by the proper use of social media. 

Jim served previously as President of the New Castle County Fire Chiefs Association, the Delaware State Fire Chiefs Association and the Eastern Division of the International Association of Fire Chiefs.

President Jim Watson
   President Jim Watson
President Watson and Past President Haines assist Caden Garner in Closing 2013 Convention
   President Watson and Past President
      Haines assist Caden Garner in Closing
      2013 Convention
Convention Parade Winners Announced
Saturday, August 3, 2013 


Shippensburg PA August 3, 2013


Best Appearing Uniformed Fire Company with Music with 25 or more members:

1st Place Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by the Cumberland Valley Hose Company of Shippensburg, PA)

Citizens Fire Company No. 1 of Newport PA

2nd Place Plaque and $40.00 (Sponsored by Steve and Peg Flickinger of Newport, Pa. in memory of Past President H.M. Flickinger Jr.)

West End Fire and Rescue of Shippensburg PA 

Best Appearing Engine 1250 GPM or Larger:

1st Place David O. Gabler & Harold E. Snyder Memorial Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by Franklin Fire Company #4 of Chambersburg, PA)

Duncannon Fire Company of Duncannon PA

2nd Place Plaque and $40.00 (Sponsored by First Hose Company of Hagerstown, MD)

Volunteer Fire Company of Halfway MD 

Best Appearing Engine under 1250 GPM:

1st Place Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by the Provident Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA)

Hancock Fire Company of Hancock MD

2nd Place Plaque and $40.00 (Sponsored by the Mont Alto Volunteer Fire Company of Mont Alto, PA)

No Winner 

Best Appearing Aerial Device:

1st Place Robert J. Gerhart Memorial Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by Junior Hose and Truck Company #2 of Chambersburg, PA)

Cumberland Valley Hose Company No. 2 of Shippensburg PA 

2nd Place Plaque and $40.00 (Sponsored by Mason Dixon Fire Store of Hagerstown, MD)

McConnellsburg Fire Co. of McConnellsburg PA 

Best Appearing Engine/Tanker:

1st Place Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by Perry House of Awards, Newport, PA)

Duncannon Fire Company of Duncannon PA

2nd Place Plaque and $40.00 (Sponsored by Rescue Hose Company #1 of Greencastle, PA)

Fannett Metal Fire Company of Fannett Metal PA 

President’s Award:

1st Place Chief Elmer J Ellison Memorial Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by the Aetna Hose, Hook, and Ladder Company of Newark, DE)

Cumberland Valley Hose Company #2 of Shippensburg PA

2nd Place Guy M. Flory Plaque and $40.00 (Sponsored by Vigilant Hose Company #1 of Shippensburg, PA)

Aetna Hose, Hook and Ladder Co. of Newark DE 

Best Appearing Rescue or Squad:

1st Place William E. Haug

Memorial Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by the Mill Creek Fire Company of Wilmington, DE)

Vigilant Hose Company of Emmitsburg MD

2nd Place Plaque and $40.00 (Sponsored by Dave’s Truck Repair of Chambersburg, PA)

Mercersburg Fire Company of Mercersburg PA 

Best Appearing Ambulance/ Basic Life Support:

1st Place Merle Kauffman Memorial Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by the Goodwill Steam Engine and Hose Company #3 of Chambersburg, PA)

South Mountain Fire Department of Fayetteville PA

2nd Place Plaque and $40.00 (Sponsored by the Mont Alto Ambulance Squad of Mont Alto, PA)

No Winner 

Best Appearing Ambulance/Advanced Life Support:

1st Place James McGowan Memorial Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by the Newport Ambulance League of Newport, DE)

No Winner 

2nd Place Louise Fahreney Memorial Plaque and $40.00 (Sponsored by the Volunteer Fire Company of Halfway, MD)

No Winner 

Best Appearing Special Unit-Air, Wagon, Traffic, Utility, Command:

1st Place Secretary Emeritus Louise Dell Memorial Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by the Active Members of the CVVFA)

Shartlesville Community Fire Company of Shartlesville PA

2nd Place Plaque and $40.00 (Sponsored by Past President Walter Robertson of Stuarts Draft, VA)

New Kingstown Fire Co. of New Kingstown PA 

Best Appearing Brush Truck:

1st Place Barbara L. Fischer & Dennis P. Deshong Memorial Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by the McConnellsburg Volunteer Fire Company of McConnellsburg, PA)

McConnellsburg Fire Co. of McConnellsburg PA

2nd Place Past President Charles D. Baker Memorial Plaque and $40.00 (Sponsored by Past President Wayne Baker)

Upper Frankford Fire Co. of Newville PA 

Best Marked Fire Apparatus for Highway Incident Scene Safety:

1st Place Emergency Responder Safety Institute Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by Chief Crawford G. Wiestling of Prior Lake, MN)

Duncannon Fire Co. of Duncannon PA 

Best Marked Ambulance for Highway Safety Incident Scene Safety:

1st Place Deputy Chief Mark Reid Sr. Memorial Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by Chief Stephen M. Reid of Myersville, MD)

South Mountain Fire Co. of Fayetteville PA 

Best Appearing Antique Hand Drawn Pumper or Hose Reed:

1st Place Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by Past President Steve Austin of Newark, DE)

Friendship Hose Co. No. 1 of Newville PA

2nd Place Plaque and $40.00 (Sponsored by Past President George Dove of Winchester, VA)

Vigilant Fire Co. of Slatington PA 

Best Appearing Antique Fire Engine Driven in the Parade:

1st Place Reverend Dr. David R. Hoover & Past President Martin I. Mowen Memorial Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by the McConnellsburg Volunteer Fire Company of McConnellsburg, PA)

Independent Jr. Fire Co. No. 3 of Hagerstown MD

2nd Place Plaque and $40.00 (Sponsored by Past President Robert P. Cumberland Jr. of Westminster, MD)

Mike Whitzel of Dillsburg PA 

Fire Dept. Owned Apparatus that Traveled the Farthest Distance:

1st Place Robert K. Wright Memorial Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by the Citizens Fire Company #1 of Newport, PA)

Delaware City Fire Co. of Delaware City DE 

Best Appearing Privately Owned Fire Dept. Antique Apparatus:

1st Place Past President Raymond T. Kimble Memorial Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by Emergency Vehicle Specialist of Hagerstown, MD)

Steve Austin of Newark DE 

Judges Awards:

1.       Vigilant Fire Company of Slatington PA $40

2.       Ivan Bretzman Family of Mt. Holly Springs PA $40

3.       Cumberland County Fire Safety Trailer of Carlisle PA $40

4.       South Newton Township Fire Company of Walnut Bottom PA $40

West End Fire and Rescue
   West End Fire and Rescue
CVVFA Emergency Responder Safety Institute Director of Training Wins Coveted Joe Bukowski Award
Friday, August 2, 2013 

Jack Sullivan Director of Training of the Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firemen’s Association Emergency Responder Safety Institute received the Joe Bukowski Memorial Award for his steadfast devotion to Protecting Emergency Responders on the Highways. Sullivan is considered one if not the best roadway incident scene safety instructors in the nation.

Jack served as an instructor and assistant chief in Chester County PA and was a member of Lionville Fire Company when in 1998 10 members were struck killing one in an incident on the PA Turnpike. Since that time Jack has dedicated his career to preventing incidents of this type. He was honored with at the 112th Annual CVVFA Convention in Shippensburg PA where earlier in the day he presented a class to responders.

The award is made in memory of the late Joe Bukowski a CVVFA Past President. His vision helped establish the Emergency Responder Safety Institute. Joe dedicated his life to the project. He was a life member of the Aetna Hose, Hook and Ladder Company of Newark DE and had served as President of the Delaware State Fire Police Association.

Sullivan (left) received the award from Joe’s wife Karen Bukowski and Past CVVFA President and Committee Chair Chief Steve Flickinger and CVVFA President Steve Haines.

Thirteen Year Old Convention Keynote Speaker Wins CVVFA Youth Leadership Award
Madison Definbaugh of Salem OH. Winner CVVFA Youth Leadership Award
   Madison Definbaugh of Salem OH. Winner
      CVVFA Youth Leadership Award
Friday, August 2, 2013 

Thirteen year old Madison Definbaugh the youngest Keynote Speaker in CVVFA History received the Chief Gary Happy Jack Easton Youth Leadership Award at the 112th annual CVVFA Convention in Shippensburg PA.

Madison has been empowering other youth to enhance their knowledge for the chance of a disaster through Ohio Fire Corps’ Enhance for the Chance youth preparedness program since 2011.  This program uses peer advocates to spread the message of fire prevention and disaster preparedness to other youth.  Youth advocates distribute bracelets with the campaign slogan, “Enhance for the Chance” to youth audiences to serve as a reminder to go home and talk to their family about fire prevention and developing a plan for the possibility of a disaster.  In addition to the bracelet, participants are provided with FEMA’s Disaster Preparedness Checklist and Fire Corps’ Home Safety Checklist.  The project focus was to reach out to middle school aged youth, this is the age that is often home alone and/or put in charge of caring for younger siblings.

Madison got her start while serving as the Safety Officer for her local 4H Club.  She helped start the Enhance for the Chance program with the help of her mother in 2011 and has reached out to over 1,000 people.  Her message has been heard by 4H Clubs, Boy Scout Troops, church youth groups, services clubs, and she had the opportunity to travel to a regional conference in Denver, Colorado to train state leaders on how to start a youth advocate program in their own state.   Her efforts have been featured on the front page of two local newspapers, in the Ohio State Firefighter's Association magazine, displayed at the Columbiana County Fair, and she had the opportunity to serve as a FEMA panelist for the Youth Preparedness Workshop in Columbus, Ohio in May, 2012. Madison will also be helping host a leadership for girls workshop at Kent State University in the summer of 2013 to motivate other teenagers to develop campaigns on disaster preparedness and fire prevention targeted towards peers in their communities.

Madison was accompanied by her mother Candice McDonald and her brother and other family members. They attended the CVVFA Convention. Madison and the many of her family members are involved in the fire service and are members of the CVVFA.

The Chief Gary “Happy Jack” Easton Memorial Award honors the late chief of the Berkeley Springs Volunteer Fire Company who was a leader in recruiting and training young people for the volunteer fire service. Many of “Happy Jack’s boys” are now leaders in the fire service. 


Chief Don Ringer CVVFA Historian Passes Away
Chief Don Ringer
   Chief Don Ringer
Monday, June 24, 2013 
Mr. Donald M. Ringer, 85, a resident of Maryview Nursing Center, Suffolk, VA and formerly of 27 Roadside Ave., Waynesboro, died at 7:26 A.M., Monday, June 24, 2013, in the nursing home. Born January 15, 1928 in Waynesboro, he was the son of the late Millard L. and Cleta E. (Wiles) Ringer. He was a lifelong resident of the Waynesboro area. He graduated through the Industrial Course from Waynesboro High School with the class of 1946. Mr. Ringer served with the United States Army during World War II from June 1946 until October 1947. He served with the 8th US Army, SGT – 1190th Engineer Battalion – 3013 Engineer Maintenance Co., serving in the Pacific Theater – Japan. He and his wife, the late Dorothy Jean (Rook) Ringer, were married on October 29, 1948 in Hagerstown. They moved to Roadside Ave in 1959. Mrs. Ringer died on November 11, 2010. Mr. Ringer worked for Frick Company, Waynesboro, and later Letterkenny Army Depot, from which he retired. He was a member of the Waynesboro Church of the Brethren, Eagles Club, Inc., Loyal Order of the Moose in Waynesboro, Joe Stickell American Legion Post #15, Member and Past President of the Burns Hill Cemetery Association, and the Gallon's Plus Club of the American Red Cross. He joined the A.T.H.&L Fire Company as a life member on April 4, 1949 – served as President in 1954 – Recording Secretary 1960-61 – Co-Captain 1963. He served as Assistant Fire Chief under Orlow E. Helm and Kenneth E. Lemmon; served as Deputy Fire Chief under Kenneth E. Lemmon and Merle K. Biser. He was appointed Fire Chief in 1990 and retired on January 5, 1998. While he was Fire Chief he had the volunteer bunk room built in 1993, had brass pole installed and dedicated January 16, 1993, initiated Explorer Post 22 which disbanded in 1997, initiated Waynesboro Fire Department Honor Guard and participated in Fallen Fire Fighters at National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, MD. He was Past Commander of William Max McLaughlin V.F.W. Post #695; Commander K.P. George Washington Lodge #487; Past Exalted Ruler and treasurer of Waynesboro Elks Lodge #731; Life member and Past President South Eastern Firemen's Association, Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firemen's Association, Franklin County Firemen's Association, Franklin County Fire Police Association, National Fire Prevention Association, International Association of Fire Chiefs; Appointed by the Governor of Pennsylvania as Waynesboro Emergency Management Coordinator 1999-2008. Mr. Ringer enjoyed photography and collecting fire department history and memorabilia from around the United States and the world. His extensive collection has been donated to the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, MD. He is survived by one son, Gary Michael "Mike" Ringer and his wife, Susie of Portsmouth, VA; two grandchildren, Chris Ringer and his wife, Kristi of Portsmouth, VA and Becky Knott and her husband, Randy Jr. of Waynesboro, PA; five great-grandchildren, Megan L. Ringer, Chase C. Ringer, Rollins I. Ringer, Caitlin R. Knott, Emily S. Knott; and a number of nieces and nephews. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by one brother, Robert L. Ringer. Services with full Fireman honors will be held at 11:00 A.M., Friday, June 28, 2013 in Grove-Bowersox Funeral Home, 50 S. Broad St., Waynesboro, with Rev. Jesse Miles officiating. Burial will follow in Burns Hill Cemetery, Waynesboro. The family will receive friends from 6:00 to 8:00 P.M., Thursday evening, in the funeral home. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to: The Waynesboro Fire Department, P.O. Box 958, Waynesboro, PA 17268 Online condolences may be expressed at Read Donald Ringer's Obituary and Guestbook on - See more at:

Obituary Courtesy of Bowersox Funeral Home, Waynesboro PA

Obituary and Guestbook Bowersocks Funeral Home
CVVFA Members Root for the Orioles
CVVFA Members rooting for the  Baltimore Orioles were disappointed with the loss to the Red Sox but were excited to be in Camden Yards with fellow members. The CVVFA membership is diverse and pulls for many different teams. The Orioles games organized by Past President Greg Yost are a popular outing and are enjoyed by everyone no matter who they root for. Just another example of the CVVFA family enjoying being part of the fire service.

Root Root Root for the Home Team!
   Root Root Root for the Home Team!
Camden Yards one of the nation's premier baseball parks
   Camden Yards one of the nation's premier
      baseball parks
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