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Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firemen's Association News
Rescue Hose Company of Greencastle PA to Host Fall Meeting October 18, 2015
Sunday, October 18, 2015 

Rescue Hose Company of Greencastle PA is the host of the Fall CVVFA Meeting. The meeting will take place in the multi-purpose room- located at the fire station, Rescue Hose Company  842 South Washington Street Greencastle PA  17225 Phone 717.597.8489. The fire station is also home to Greencastle’s outstanding museum that includes a large selection of CVVFA artifacts.  The meeting will begin with a luncheon at noon on Sunday October 18. Agenda items will include the adoption of a budget for the Association.President Howell has asked that Committee Meetings should begin at 11:00 a.m. prior to lunch.
Those wishing to come the evening before may stay at the Ramada Plaza Hotel  1718 Underpass Way, Hagerstown, MD 21740 Phone 301-797-2500. The property is just south of Greencastle off I-81. Please mention the CVVFA for a special rate of $75. plus tax when making reservations.                                                                                      


Slow Down Move Over Theme for Public Education at Rest Area
Friday, October 9, 2015 
President Hoby Howell and Past President, current Director Bob Cumberland provided information to motorists and their families who stopped by the PA Rest Area in Greencastle along I-81 just north of the MD state line. The Welcome Center has hosted the CVVFA for a number of years. Discussions with the public include the Mover Over Law, distracted driving and other topics regarding emergency responders working on the roadways while helping others. The outreach is an important part of the CVVFA efforts to improve safety of the traveling public.

President Howell Leads CVVFA Delegation to PA Fire Convention

President Hoby Howell led a delegation of at least 7 CVVFA members to the Annual Firemen’s Association of the State of PA (FASP) during the last week of September. President Howell welcomed the delegates and guests to visit the Responder Safety booth at the Expo and invited all to join the CVVFA.

Home Office Manager Steve Heefner attended as well as Past Presidents Charlie Myers (who is also a PP of the FASP attended as did PP Walter Robertson and PP Steve Austin. DE Director Harry “Griff” Balthis and member Mike Cook assisted setting up and working the tradeshow booth.

The convention season was complete for this year with the CVVFA being present at MD, WV, NY, DE and PA state fire conventions. We missed VA this year due to the fact it was scheduled at the exact same time as the CVVFA Convention in Delaware City. Photos courtesy of the PA Fireman

President Hoby Howell addresses delegates at the opening of the FASP Convention
   President Hoby Howell addresses
      delegates at the opening of the FASP
Pictured left to right: Steve Austin, Steve Heefner, President Hoby Howell, Mike Cook, Griff Balthis
   Pictured left to right: Steve Austin,
      Steve Heefner, President Hoby Howell,
      Mike Cook, Griff Balthis
The CVVFA Wants to Communicate with Our Members
Wednesday, October 7, 2015 
If you are not receiving the CVVFA Express Newletter by email you are missing out on many of the exciting things your Association is doing as well as opportunities to become more involved.

To enroll simply click the Newsletter block in the upper right hand corner of the page and register. There is no cost and we do not share your email address.

We have over 100 members who once received email from the CVVFA but have changed their email address without notifying us. If you have a new email address please let us know by emailing us.

Help us to help you by staying connected with your Association.

CVVFA visits FASNY Convention
Thursday, August 20, 2015 
The CVVFA ResponderSafety Team is on the road. The gang is all set up at the Desmond Hotel just outside Albany New York. The CVVFA has been represented at FASNY for a number of years. We are fortunate that many members of the Firemen's Association of the State of New York are also CVVFA members.

FASNY President Bobby McConville and VP Kenny Pienkowski attended the CVVFA Convention this year in Delaware City along with Dave Jacobowitz  CVVFA Director who is a FASNY Past President.

The CVVFA Delegation is led by President Hoby Howell. The booth team is educating members of the New York Fire Service about the various CVVFA Programs as well as signing up new CVVFA members.

FASNY Web Page
Left to right: Dave Lewis, Dave Jacobowitz, Hoby Howell, Diane Howell, Steve Heefner
   Left to right: Dave Lewis, Dave
      Jacobowitz, Hoby Howell, Diane Howell,
      Steve Heefner
Hoby Howell Elected CVVFA President
Hoby and his family posed for this photo just after he was sworn into office
   Hoby and his family posed for this photo
      just after he was sworn into office
Friday, August 14, 2015 
Hoby Howell a long time member at Joppa- Magnolia Fire Volunteer Company and who is a career firefighter with Baltimore County was elected at the President of the CVVFA for the coming year.

Hoby previously served on the MD State FIremen's Association Safety Committee. He is highly committed to the health and safety of all members of the fire service.

114th Annual Convention Parade Winners


Saturday August 1, 2015 Delaware City DE

Best Appearing Uniformed Fire Company with Music with 25 or more members:
1st Place Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by the Cumberland Valley Hose Company of Shippensburg, PA)
Citizens Hose Company of Smyrna DE
2nd Place Plaque and $40.00 (Sponsored by Steve and Peg Flickinger of Newport, Pa. in memory of Past President H.M. Flickinger Jr.) Aetna Hose, Hook and Ladder Company of Newark DE

Best Appearing Engine 1250 GPM or Larger:
1st Plodace David O. Gabler & Harold E. Snyder Memorial Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by Franklin Fire Company #4 of
Chambersburg, PA) Delaware City Refinery
2nd Place Plaque and $40.00 (Sponsored by First Hose Company of Hagerstown, MD) Hacks Point MD Fire Company  

Best Appearing Engine under 1250 GPM:
1st Place Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by the Provident Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA)
 Church Hill MD Fire Department
2nd Place Plaque and $40.00 (Sponsored by the Mont Alto Volunteer Fire Company of Mont Alto, PA)
Greenwood DE Fire Company

Best Appearing Aerial Device:
1st Place Robert J. Gerhart Memorial Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by Junior Hose and Truck Company #2 of
Chambersburg, PA) Volunteer Hose of Middletown DE

2nd Place Plaque and $40.00 (Sponsored by Mason Dixon Fire Store of Hagerstown, MD)
Church Hill MD Fire Company
3d Place Plaque and $40.00    Five Points Fire Company of Richardson Park DE

Best Appearing Engine/Tanker:
1st Place Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by Perry House of Awards, Newport, PA) DE City Refinery

President’s Award:
1st Place Chief Elmer J Ellison Memorial Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by the Aetna Hose, Hook, and Ladder Company of
Newark, DE) Delaware National Guard Band

2nd Place Guy M. Flory Plaque and $40.00 (Sponsored by Vigilant Hose Company #1 of Shippensburg, PA)
Mill Creek Fire Company of Marshallton DE

Best Appearing Rescue or Squad:
1st Place William E. Haug Memorial Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by the Mill Creek Fire Company of Wilmington, DE)
Port Penn DE Fire Company
2nd Place Plaque and $40.00 (Sponsored by Dave’s Truck Repair of Chambersburg, PA)
Aetna Hose, Hook and Ladder Company of Newark DE

Best Appearing Ambulance/ Basic Life Support:
1st Place Merle Kauffman Memorial Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by the Goodwill Steam Engine and Hose Company #3 of Chambersburg, PA) McConnellsburg PA Fire Company
2nd Place Plaque and $40.00 (Sponsored by the Mont Alto Ambulance Squad of Mont Alto, PA)
Christiana DE Fire Company

Additional Judges Awards:
1st Place James McGowan Memorial Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by the Newport Ambulance League of Newport, DE)
Bowers Beach DE Fire Company
2nd Place Louise Fahreney Memorial Plaque and $40.00 (Sponsored by the Volunteer Fire Company of Halfway, MD)
Delaware River and Bay Authority Motorcycle

Best Appearing Special Unit-Air, Wagon, Traffic, Utility, Command:
1st Place Secretary Emeritus Louise Dell Memorial Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by the Active Members of the CVVFA)
 Delaware City Refinery
2nd Place Plaque and $40.00 (Sponsored by Past President Walter Robertson of Stuarts Draft, VA)
Aetna Hose, Hook and Ladder Company

Best Appearing Brush Truck:
1st Place Barbara L. Fischer & Dennis P. Deshong Memorial Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by the McConnellsburg
Volunteer Fire Company of McConnellsburg, PA) Millcreek Fire Company of Marshallton DE
2nd Place Past President Charles D. Baker Memorial Plaque and $40.00 (Sponsored by Past President Wayne Baker)
McConnellsburg PA Fire Company

Best Marked Fire Apparatus for Highway Incident Scene Safety:
1st Place Emergency Responder Safety Institute Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by Chief Crawford G. Wiestling of Prior
Lake, MN) Aetna Hose, Hook and Ladder Company of Newark DE

Best Marked Ambulance for Highway Safety Incident Scene Safety:
1st Place Deputy Chief Mark Reid Sr. Memorial Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by Chief Stephen M. Reid of Myersville, MD) McConnellsburg PA Fire Company

Best Appearing Antique Hand Drawn Pumper or Hose Reel:
1st Place Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by Past President Steve Austin of Newark, DE)
Aetna Hose, Hook and Ladder Company of Newark DE

Special Judges Award
Plaque and $40.00 (Sponsored by Past President Robert P. Cumberland Jr. of Westminster, MD)
New Castle County DE Police Department ATV

Best Appearing Antique Fire Engine Driven in the Parade:
1st Place Reverend Dr. David R. Hoover & Past President Martin I. Mowen Memorial Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by the McConnellsburg Volunteer Fire Company of McConnellsburg, PA)  Wilmington Manor DE Fire Company

2nd Place Plaque and $40.00 (Sponsored by Past President George Dove of Winchester, VA)
Steve Austin of Newark DE

Fire Dept. Owned Apparatus that Traveled the Farthest Distance:
1st Place Robert K. Wright Memorial Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by the Citizens Fire Company #1 of Newport, PA)
McConnellsburg PA Fire Company

Best Appearing Privately Owned Fire Dept. Antique Apparatus:
1st Place Past President Raymond T. Kimble Memorial Plaque and $50.00 (Sponsored by Emergency Vehicle Specialist of
Hagerstown, MD) Steve Austin of Newark DE



Steve Heefner is Member of the Year
Thursday, August 13, 2015 
CVVFA Home Office Manager Steve Heefner of the Volunteer Fire Company of Halfway MD received the  President E. Wade Thomas Memorial Member of the Year award at the 114th Annual Convention in Delaware City. Steve has been the Home Office Manager for many years and this year he announced he is stepping down. The award was presented by President Walter Robertson and Past President George Dove who is Chairman of the Member of the Year Committee. The award is given to a member who provides significant service to the CVVFA.

By-Law Changes Adopted at Convention
By-law changes that usher in sweeping changes to meet the demands of a modern fire service organization were adopted without opposition at the 114th Annual Convention. The changes that reduce the number of officers and directors along with the time necessary to reach the office of President were the cornerstone of the revisions.  In addition meetings were reduced from 5 to 3 each year. The newly revised By-Laws will soon be posted on the website for review. Portions of the changes have already taken effect. The first election under the new rules will take place at the Convention in 2016. An overview of the changes are attached to this article.

New Logo Adopted At Convention
New Logo adopted at 2015 Convention
   New Logo adopted at 2015 Convention

A new Association Logo was adopted at the Convention in Delaware City.

The original CVVFA Logo was derived from the Cumberland Valley Railroad Logo and incorporated the 4 states that the railroad serviced. The railroad logo resembled a Maltese cross owing to the influence of the fire service whose history especially in PA, is intertwined with that of the railroad. 

The CVVFA Logo included the initials of association in the center and state abbreviations. The colors were assigned to each state. Gold-Maryland, Red-Virginia, Blue-PA, Green WV 

The logo remained unchanged until the admission of Delaware into the association in the 1990’s when it was redesigned to its present form that placed Pennsylvania in the center signifying the founding location in Chambersburg PA. 

Since the 90’s the CVVFA has grown to encompass members from 30 states and the District of Columbia. In 2014 the association was recognized as a national organization by admission to the Congressional Fire Services Institute National Advisory Committee. 

The new logo recognizes today’s CVVFA and at the same time preserves the history of the four original states by maintaining their colors in the Maltese cross. 

In order to control costs the new logo will be phased in over time.


By-Law Changes to Be Voted on at Convention

By-Law revisions reflecting changes proposed at the October 2014 Strategic Planning Meeting and refined at several subsequent Association meetings are to be voted under Old Business at the 114th Annual Convention at Delaware City.

These changes reflect the larger role the CVVFA plays in the fire service as well as our geographically diverse membership from 30 states.

The number of officers and directors as well as the method for electing them has been modified. Additionally one Booster meeting and the January Board of Directors meeting are recommended to be eliminated.

Other changes will improve the operation of the Association. The By-Laws Committee recommends the changes be adopted.

Download a summary sheet with the recommended changes by clicking on the title of this article.

May Booster Meeting Weekend Held in Conjunction with Apple Blossom Festival in Winchester VA April 30 to May 3 2015

Fire Chief Allen Baldwin invites members and guests of the CVVFA to attend and extended Booster Meeting Weekend in conjunction with the 88th Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival in Historic Winchester VA.

There are special firefighter events planned for your enjoyment including a Thursday April 30th evening muster at Shawnee Fire Company. Friday evening is the massive Firefighters Parade one of the largest in the nation. Saturday features the Grand Feature Parade. (Reserved seating at a reasonable price is available at Rouss Fire Company for both parades).

The Booster Meeting will be held beginning with a luncheon at noon on Sunday at the Friendship Fire Company 627 North Pleasant Valley Road
Winchester, VA 22601 (540) 667-6961

Rooms are available at BEST WESTERN Lee-Jackson Inn & Conference Center 540-662-4154. Room rates are $66.59 plus tax for 2 persons or $62.09 for a single. For the room block indicate CVVFA. Please call the hotel direct to get this rate.

Download the Muster information and registration here.

88th Annual Shenadoah Apple Blossom Festival
Winchester Fire and Rescue Department
Shawnee Volunteer Fire Department
Rouss Fire Company
Friendship Fire Company #1 Facebook Page
Chief Allen Baldwin
   Chief Allen Baldwin
Large Crowd at Spring Presidents Council in Lancaster PA
Saturday, April 11, 2015 
A large and engaged crowd attended the Spring CVVFA Presidents Council Meeting hosted by the Firemen's Association of the State of PA and Lacaster County Firemen's Association at their headquarters and printing plant the home of the PA Fireman Magazine.

Items discussed included tactics that builders and others are using to oppose residential fire sprinklers. State reports on current legislative sessions and EMS issues were other "hot" topics. Guests included Dan Ioven who spoke on the Keystone Firefighters Conference in Oaks PA this August. There was a review of current programs underway at the CVVFA. Information was provided for the 114th Annual Convention in Delaware City DE.

CVVFA Fire Service Reputation Management Project Awarded $15,000 Grant from NVFC Foundation
Tuesday, February 10, 2015 

The National Volunteer Fire Council Foundation awarded the Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firemen’s Association Firefighter Reputation Management Project a $15,000 grant to provide learning opportunities throughout the nation. As a result of this generous gift, the CVVFA will expand efforts to teach fire service members how to prevent behavior that undermines the high moral ground from beneath the feet of the fire service.

Improper and often illegal activities by a small minority of firefighters diminish the earned trust the public has placed in the fire service for hundreds of years.

The funds will be used for travel and instructional material. Classes will be provided at no cost by the CVVFA’s trained instructors who volunteer their time.

The CVVFA established an effort to combat poor firefighter conduct after being asked to study the issue by members of the CVVFA Presidents Council, a 30 year old round table of fire service leaders sponsored by the Association. The effort resulted in the creation of the Firefighter Behavior White Paper and the Fire Fighter Code of Ethics, all available on the CVVFA Fire Service Behavior website.

The CVVFA Firefighter Behavior Instructor Team is led by Candice McDonald. The team presents at numerous conferences for both the career and volunteer fire service. “We ask only to have our actual expenses covered when we speak” says Candice. “This wonderful opportunity that the NVFC Foundation has provided gives us the ability to deliver our message to audiences that we might not otherwise be able to reach. The NVFC, like the CVVFA is concerned with Fire Service Reputation Management. We are pleased to be working with them,” she added.


CVVFA to Join the Florida Fire Chiefs Association during Fire Rescue East in Daytona Beach FL January 22-24th 2015
Thursday, January 22, 2015 

The CVVFA again will feature our ResponderSafety Booth at Fire Rescue East in Daytona Beach in January. The Association had a booth at the show last year thanks to member Bob Romig who is active in the volunteer section of the Association. The FFCA has provided the booth space at no charge and allowed us to address the volunteer chief officers. As a result of the strong relationship with the Volusia County Fire Police and the Chiefs Association it was agreed at the October Booster Meeting to join the organization.  Over the years the CVVFA has had a presence at many state shows and as finances and logistics permit our plan is to expand our show schedule.

FL State Fire Chiefs Association
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